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Can you DIGG IT?

2017-09-24 13:01:08 by TheBOOCH

I like Kasabian...

2017-04-06 10:34:13 by TheBOOCH

...I think you should too.

Additionally, is anyone else drunk?

If so, please leave a comment.

Also, penis.

Thank you.


2016-08-15 00:47:30 by TheBOOCH

...there just isn't enough beer...


2016-08-04 23:52:30 by TheBOOCH

If you're gonna leave 2 stars on a pic, do me a favor and write a critique stating what you think and why. If i need to improve on something it'd help to know what needs improving.


Well, joined a bit ago, slowly posting some stuff as I learn to draw digitally. Not gonna lie, it's mostly naked chicks but I've got plenty of company here ;)  Anyway, Let me know what you think :D